Book signings at Press Publish Portland

The Press Publish Portland schedule boasts a number of published authors, and guess what?  Three of our speakers have agreed to bring copies of their books to sell and sign at the event!

Kathy Cano-Murillo will be signing her latest novel, Waking Up in the Land of Glitter.

Waking Up in the Land of GlitterCano-Murillo, known as the ‘Crafty Chica’ and for her line of craft products, has delved into the writing world to create one of the most lively, imaginative novels I’ve run across lately. Full of humor, love, friendship and some pretty cool art projects, Waking Up in the Land of Glitter will have readers howling one minute, sobbing the next, and reaching for their trusty glue guns to create their very own ‘love shrines’ before the end of the book. This novel was just a delightful glittery, shiny, light-hearted treat.” (Las Vegas Review-Journal )

Cecilia Gunther will be signing Letters for My Little Sister, “a book of letters, essays, and poems written by sixty-eight women about their experiences with Menopause.”

Letters to my Little SisterLetters for my Little Sister began as a real letter that Cecilia began writing to her little sister to help her sister navigate the journey of aging and menopause. Their mother died when they were young, and there was no one to give them this very personal advice. She realized the taboo and silence around this subject, and was struck with inspiration midway through: What if she could open up this subject, ask other women to contribute their stories and experiences, and bring light and warmth to a subject many fear talking or asking about. This book was born out of their overwhelming and wonderful response.

Jerry Mahoney will be signing Mommy Man: How I Went from Mild-Mannered Geek to Gay Superdad.

Mommy ManComedy writer Mahoney struggled with his gay identity while growing up and, after settling into his career, stumbled through the process of coming out. He had long ago conceded that it was unlikely he could ever merge his desire for a life as an openly gay man and having a family life. Then he had the good fortune, after a torturous introduction to gay dating in L.A., to find a loving partner equally interested in being a parent. The couple set about actually trying to have a family and learned of the numerous obstacles facing gay couples. They decided on gestational surrogacy with donated eggs to avoid genetic ties and legal controversy. Thus began a two-year process filled with ups and downs, from being interviewed to determine their suitability to interviewing to find the right egg donor and surrogate, with friends and family on hand to witness every setback and triumph. The roller coaster of drama and comedy ends in the birth of their twins. Mahoney is equally heartfelt and hilarious in this chronicle of modern parenthood. –Booklist

After their talks, each of these writers will hold a book signing in the Happiness Lounge. Don’t miss the chance to meet Kathy, Cecilia, and Jerry and get signed copies of their books!