My Small World Story

Sometimes when you’re blogging it can feel like you’re talking into space. Not every post has lots of people interacting with it and, when you do have interactions, so often they are people that you’ve never met in real life. For some people this can be a very liberating medium to work in, but for others it can feel a little like broadcasting to no one.

But it’s not always like that.

Many years ago, when my mother and I were both blogging regularly, we had a subscriber in common. She found my mother’s blog first and began to follow mine as well, striking up interesting conversations in the comments as we discussed the ins and outs of our daily lives. Then one day she told us that she lived in New Zealand. My aunt lives in New Zealand and so my mother replied with the usual exclamation expecting the usual response:

“My sister lives in New Zealand!”
“New Zealand is a big place. I’m afraid I don’t know her.”

Except that’s not what happened. It turns out that my aunt had been her teacher while she was working on her graduate degree at the local university. We have since met her in person and keep in touch to this day (thanks to the wonders of social media), but there is a surreal “what are the odds” sort of quality to the whole situation.

Have you ever started a conversation with one of your subscribers only to discover later that you had friends in common? Or better yet, have you ever thought you knew someone based on their blog and later found out you were right?

Making Friends Online

About a dozen years ago, I lived in San Francisco. I loved music, and had a list of upcoming bands that I planned to see in the sidebar of my blog. One day I posted about a show that I was going to see, and that I wished I had someone to go with me. As it turned out, one of my readers lived in San Francisco and also wanted to see that show, and told me in the comments. We’d been following each other’s blogs, but had never met in person before. We wound up not only seeing that show, but becoming great friends, thanks to the common interest we discovered through our blogs.

Have you ever made a friend — either in person or just online — through the comments on a blog?