Premium Upgrades for Attendees

The original idea behind Press Publish was to create an event dedicated to blogging with and Jetpack, that would help people take advantage of built-in features and create sites that better expressed their personality. Our speakers are a combination of featured bloggers sharing their stories of how their lives were changed by their blogs and people who work on, Jetpack, and related products by Automattic.

Since a number of our speakers are on the Premium plan, using upgrades like custom design, custom domains, and no ads, as we started planning out the tutorials the Automattic speakers would be leading, we realized it would be best if we could ensure everyone had access to the same tools. So! Pemium

We’re excited to announce that every Press Publish ticket will come with a one-year Premium upgrade that you can apply to your site. The Premium plan includes the following upgrades:

  • Custom domain. Instead of your site could live at
  • Custom design. Use custom CSS and custom fonts from Typekit to make your blog better represent your personal style and aesthetic.
  • VideoPress. Upload videos right to your website without having to go through a third-party site like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Space upgrade. An additional 10GB of storage so you have plenty of room for your videos, photos, and other files.
  • No ads. No more ads on your blog. No. More. Ads.

The Premium plan normally costs $99, but with the purchase of a Press Publish ticket, you will receive a coupon code in your ticket confirmation email that you can use to upgrade your site.

Akismet + VaultPress

What about self-hosted attendees? We’ve got you covered, too! If you prefer, you can trade your Premium upgrade coupon for a 1-year subscription to the VaultPress Backup Bundle ($99/yr plan), which combines VaultPress Lite + Akismet Business with the following features.

  • Spam Protection
  • Daily Backups
  • Automated Restores
  • 30-day Backup Archive
  • Safekeeper Support

If you would like to get the VaultPress Backup Bundle, when you get your ticket confirmation email, just reply to that email and let us know the URL of your self-hosted site that you want to use the VaultPress plan with, so the VaultPress team can get you hooked up.

Anyone who hasn’t redeemed their coupon before the event can get help at the Happiness Lounge during Press Publish, but we encourage you to go ahead and redeem it right away so you can start playing with the extra features and can bring any questions with you to the event for answers.

Get your Press Publish tickets today!



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