Press Publish Price Drop!

We’ve been working hard on the upcoming Press Publish events — Portland on March 28 and Phoenix on April 18 — fine-tuning the programs, spreading the word, and putting the finishing touches on some outstanding conferences that will be educational and entertaining at the same time. We’re so happy with the way these events are shaping up that we don’t want anything standing between you and the amazing talks we’re bringing to the stage — nothing we can control, anyway.

I’m very excited to announce that Press Publish tickets are now selling for $150 each! Each ticket still comes with a one-year Premium upgrade (a $99 value) or VaultPress Backup Bundle ($99/yr plan) that you can apply to your site.

There simply isn’t another conference in existence that offers this unique combination of know-how and successful bloggers describing how they made their mark. Inspiring stories + intensive workshops + helpful tutorials + one-on-one help with your blog + a year of premium = what are you waiting for? 🙂

Get your ticket!


  1. Can’t attend, but wanted to give a big thumb up! Great to see all the love given to (and blogging in general) over those past few months, Blogging U. and now Press Publish (and all its goodies)!

  2. Greetings! Are tickets still available? There is an Oops! Page Not Found error returning when I try to purchase, through multiple links. I know you’re not the Help Desk, but wanted to let you know and hopefully can still attend, it sounds great. Cheers! – Bill

  3. Hi Bill! Yes, tickets are still available — we had a problem but it’s fixed now. To register, please go to:

    You’ll need to log in to your account (or create one) to buy a ticket. Please let me know if you have any problems registering, and I’ll help! 🙂

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