New Sessions Added to Portland Schedule!

There were already a lot of great sessions and classes on the Portland schedule, but we’ve gone ahead and added some more! Those last TBDs are filled in, and we’re pretty psyched about how it’s all come together. Some of the new sessions:

  • An interview and Q&A with Ariel Stallings of Offbeat Empire on how she went from personal blogger to running a network of successful lifestyle sites.
  • $$$: Ads, Affiliates, and Stores. Because everyone wants to know their monetizing options, right?
  • Blogging 101 — Planning Ahead. A hands-on workshop to teach you how to set up an editorial calendar, schedule posts for publication, and keep a drafts folder for quick and easy posting when the well runs dry.

There’s more, and you can see it all on the updated Portland schedule.

Portland Press Publish schedule grid

This event is only two weeks away, so get your tickets now!



  1. Yep! The way the schedule is structured is that each of our featured bloggers will talk for 30 minutes, and then we’ll do 2 short tutorials back to back that have some relationship to how that blogger uses WordPress. They’re 15 minutes intentionally to keep things moving and to the point, and if there’s something that you want more information about, or help with applying to your own blog, we’ll have people on staff in the Happiness Lounge all day (including breaks) who can assist you one-on-one as needed. Hope that helps!

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