When Perfect Isn’t Everything

The one thing that I’ve learned in my career as a food blogger is that the perfect image isn’t everything.  I know. This is a shock to me also since I worked my tail off turning my photos from something that looked like my Aunt Flores took with her early 90s cell phone without her glasses into something that could grace the cover of a say, cookbook.

In my never-ending Facebook and Instgram feed of lunch after lunch, I’ve seen that excitement over a recipe can be driven by the right light on a goppy piece of ketchup even though everything else is blah.  Even a photo where it looks exactly like it would look right on your counter can be so much more popular with your readers than the one where you styled everything perfectly and the dish is looking straight like “sizzle.”

It’s easy to forget in the quest for food photo perfection that food is comfort and when you can convey that in an image it will reach your audience in ways that the you would never guess.

Which type of food photo are you drawn to? Have you noticed the same thing with photos shared on your site?