What’s In a Blog Name? Picking the perfect title

When I started my blog, I was amazed at how quick and easy the setup process was… except for one big thing.

The title.

I stared at the blank title box on the signup form for what felt like hours. The title is the first thing people see when they come to your blog, and very often it’s the thing that makes them decide whether or not they want to visit at all. How do you convey your personality and point of view in one catchy, easy-to-remember moniker?

No pressure.

So I picked something I thought was clever. I called my gay dad blog, “Where Do Gaybies Come From?” I spent months writing provocative posts, promoting myself and building a following. And then I decided I couldn’t stand my title.

“Gaybies” is such a confusing and off-putting word, to so many people both gay and straight. It wasn’t clear to some readers who was gay — me or the kids. And the whole thing was so long and unwieldy. It was useless as a Twitter handle or hashtag, because it took up too many characters.

So I did the hardest thing I’ve done with my blog. I changed the title.

I liked my new title, “Mommy Man,” because it not only expressed my theme in two words, but it leant itself to a fun superhero graphic that would give my blog more of an identity. I was worried I’d lose readers, that I’d have to build up a whole new following or that people wouldn’t “get” the new title. Thankfully, the risk paid off. I put up a post announcing the change, then got back to writing exactly the same blog I always had, and my follower count continued to grow.

There’s still some confusion and a bit of controversy at times. Some people wonder if I’m selling gay dads short by suggesting we’re just mom wannabes… or on the flip side that I’m belittling what moms do by turning them into cartoons. Overall, though, most people who enjoy my blog get what I’m going for with the title, and the questions people occasionally ask add to the discussion I want my blog to promote.

So I’m sticking with Mommy Man… for now, at least.

I’d love to hear other people’s stories. How did you choose your blog title? Have you ever regretted it or changed it?