Drafts: Dead Ends or Hidden Gems?

Let’s talk drafts. Do you ever peek at them and wonder why you didn’t press publish? For some reason, I always ignored my drafts folder, but recently one of the titles caught my attention and I realized I was on to a great idea when I started the post. I don’t remember why I abandoned it, but I opened that baby up and finished. I think it came down to timing, I just wasn’t feeling it back then.  Sometimes it can be a touchy topic, and I need to sleep on it before I commit. Often times, in that situation, it just feels great to get thoughts out of my head… and then I end up deleting it. But the overall experience motivated me to check out my other drafts as well. Some are hits, others still need to cook a bit.

My takeaway is that I’m going to use my drafts folder as a holding place for ideas that aren’t quite fleshed out. I can start the posts, add in my thoughts, and when I’m ready – or in need of some content ideas – I’ll have a head start!

How do you handle your drafts? Do you delete them or pick up and finish?